About me, Estelle Goussu

My name is Estelle Goussu, I’m 24years old, living in Amsterdam and is currently in the process of becoming an afro-punk-feminist artist. Most of my works are inspecting & exploring human emotions. I have a  sensitivity for well-chosen words but also strong colours.

I am overly-obsessed with cats, glitter, flowers and the color pink (it has a very special meaning forme).  I constantly want to learn and discover new things, and even push myself to be curious about things I wouldn’t be naturally attracted to. This way, I am convinced that by expanding my knowledge, I will  expand my art too.  Pushing my own boundaries to always get lost is for me to grow and to not let myself get used to a kind of comfort zone or rely on it.

I studied at the Leonard de Vinci University in Paris (La Défense) and is currently studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam). On my first year of University in France (2011), I learnt 3D, coding video games and websites and then decided to specialise myself in a visual communication to learn more about visual language since I always had a very strong image-sensitive mind.

I began to be in charge of different projects as a project manager and creative director in my third year(2013), which allows me to began to work as a freelance graphic designer for independent french label, little shops, agencies (like Ogilvy-Blue Hive and WNP) and artists.

After a few months, I noticed that I was in fact unconsciously selling projects to clients that were connected to an artistic practices. More and more, I was in fact abandoning the solely-commercial side of graphic design business and started to work only with people that have the deep wish to have a positive impact on the world.
Deeply passionated by activism, I redirected all my works for causes that were closely link to subject like sustainability in fashion, environmental, anti-racism, respect, mental illnesses-awareness, share of culture and knowledge, body positivity and LGBT community topics…